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Welcome to my profile, dear newgrounds fella!

2013-06-01 11:24:30 by Flashmovieboy

My regards for stumbling upon my profile!

Despite the contradiction with my username, I produce various content to newgrounds. You can feel free to browse Latest Music, which is the music I have dedicated some effort to (last song took 15-20 working hours). The music created is influenced by music I listen to, as my EDM tracks have lots of Trance elements to them. For example, I hear "Jerome - Stars" and I'm like "Whoa, sounds great, I totally want to get that synth sound for my track".

You can feel free to browse Latest Art, which is the drawings that have taken more time to create (20-30 working hours) because of the realistic approach. These drawings might not be doing well, because I have been to art school and hugely prefer traditional art to digital one, and the last one is held in very high regard here. Themes... well, dark overtones and beautiful girls. I seriously hate drawing ugly people (actually ugly) and from small, unzoomable reference photos. When I am forced in these situations, I get pissed off and feel that I can't apply myself, like a contrabass player who is being given a violin and told to rock this concert!

Lastly, feel free to browse Latest Movies/Games. There are no additions yet since 2008, but currently I have a flash movie in production. Flash things take the longest out of the prowl to produce (60+ working hours = over the period of few months). About 10 hours from that 60+ goes to preparing files for flash (images, sounds) and some additional time to working with voice actors. Flash has been the first design program I learned, even before photoshop, and known it since I was 13 years old. Doing anything at all in flash feels like being "at home".

tl;dr I create art, music and flash. Feel free to browse them all and enjoy my submissions!

If you bothered to read this post, thanks a lot! Stay tuned for my new flash movie (at least 10+ minute stick movie with a back story, voice acting and action) and make sure to spend the hottest summerdays in a much cooler Newgrounds! :)

PS: Yes, it's me on the profile pic.

EDIT: Added a screenshot from flash project

Welcome to my profile, dear newgrounds fella!

Not that I am implying anyone to be reading my profile posts

2011-08-28 00:10:51 by Flashmovieboy

I cannot tell if I am good at any of those, but I have pulled it off so that I make creations for Audio portal, Flash portal and Art portal depending on what I have undergoing at my "workshop". Of course creating music takes only few hours off my life and is nothing fancy enough to earn more than 50 listeners. Art creation takes considerably more time and the final result is one of the main reasons I concentrate long hours "smearing graphite layers on a piece of cellulose sheet". Flash project I am dealing with though is gonna take a good month or two and only restriction to why I am not making my flashes into a full-feature-length-epic-sagas is file size limit..

So that's some need-to-know basis to anyone who has ever taken interest at my creative process ;)

Hey guys

2010-11-14 18:46:57 by Flashmovieboy

Just by wandering around the internets, I found newgrounds again!
Not sure if I am gonna be very active but I'm gonna post some flash/art over a few months for sure

New flash upcoming!

2009-06-24 04:54:24 by Flashmovieboy

My windows was too bad idea and i got many actionscript errors too,
so my new project is stick movie Das Reich der Finsternis what's main
plot involves nazies evil plan to dominate whole known world.
It should be ready in this summer.

New flash upcoming!

New flash outcoming soon!

2009-06-18 06:17:05 by Flashmovieboy

New flash is Windows World leader and it is, guessed right, a windows parody!

New flash outcoming soon!

I'm idle

2009-06-09 02:26:50 by Flashmovieboy

Currently i am idle at flash making point because i have difficulties learning
the Actionscript 3 but I can still create flash movies and maybe somewhere
in summer i creating some flash movies...

New project is called "Operation: Genozid" and main story is happening at
World War II. Main character is a polish sergeant Stanislaw and part
of his team defending their home country aganist German invaders on a polish
sea border and they are standing on a cliff. Suddenly, sergeant is kidnapped by
the Nazi soldiers and Stanislaw is a witness to a deadly plan that made Third Reich
the ruler of the planet earth. To see how it all happened and proceeded,
i suggest to wait till i come out with my flash.

Feel free to add comments and questions. I answer them if it is reasonable
not a spam. (Sorry about my english, i am estonian and english is not my
mother tongue)

I got Adobe Flash CS4 lately and currently working on a new project...

...just waiting for dialogues...

So stay tuned people and other animals/aliens :D

New windows parody will be in making soon..

2008-07-23 04:59:49 by Flashmovieboy

...and it will be ready somewhere in august/september
It is currently in making and name will be Windows Ridiculous
All hopes for good votes when it will be aired!


New windows parody will be in making soon..